Adding an Animal Charity to Your Will


Leaving a gift in your will is a powerful and everlasting way of helping animals in need, healing and homing cats and dogs who have no one else.

A gift in will is easy to set up and contributes to breaking the cycle of suffering street animals in Cambodia, one cat at a time and one dog at a time.

“I used to say: Somebody should do something about that. Then I realized, I am somebody.” 

ARC Founder & Director Martina Mayr, inspired by ambassa-dog Henry

By leaving a gift in your will to animal rescue charities like Animal Rescue e.V. in Germany or Animal Rescue Cambodia in Southeast Asia, you give cats and dogs in need a second chance at living the happy and healthy life they deserve!

THANK YOU on behalf of all the animals we can save thanks to you!

7 Great Reasons to Leave a Gift in Your Will

Pets give us so much love, laughter, smiles, and comfort. They’re always there for us. So, together, let’s be there for those animals who have no one else!

1. Leaving a gift in your will or an animal charity or other charitable cause is a great way to be remembered. You can even honor a loved one or a pet by leaving a gift in your will.

2. You have the unique opportunity to leave the world in a better place than you found it.

3. Giving a gift in your will may inspire others to do the same as it shows your loved ones and those around you the importance and rewards of giving.

4. Helping others feels good, doesn’t it? Not only will you help the cause you donate to but also put a smile on your face for helping less fortunate ones! :-)

5. Giving is also a way to show gratitude and remember what’s important in life. Our busy lives can easily let us forget all the beautiful and good things in our lives. Giving to charity is a way to pause for a moment, smell the roses, and express our feelings of gratitude.

6. Finally, there may be financial benefits like tax breaks from inheritance tax when you donate to charity in your will. Your estate advisor can tell you more.

7. Having settled your estate gives you peace of mind and takes the burden off the shoulders of your loved ones to guess the best way of carrying out your final wishes during a time of grief.

Combine charitable donations with your estate planning to make a powerful difference in the world and create a personalized long-lasting legacy!

You’re in Great Company

Did you know that it’s not foundations or companies that contribute the most to charity but individual persons are the largest group to donate money for good causes?

Depending on the country, up to 50% of the population gives smaller or larger gifts to charity. Isn’t that amazing? Larger and wealthier countries like the US, Canada, or Australia generally have more capacity to give donations and do so enthusiastically.

Moreover, it is getting more and more common to have a will or estate planning, even among the younger generations. For example, in the United States, almost 50% of the population have a will in the year 2021 – with an upward tendency.

Finally, a recent poll shows that around 40% of people are happy to leave part or all of their estate to charity.

So, if you love cats and dogs, consider a gift to an animal welfare organization in your will! Everyone can do it and every amount transforms precious lives and helps to end suffering.

Here’s How it Works

Leaving a gift in will is easy to do and allows charities to transform lives. Every amount counts. Here are four steps you can take to get started:

1. Consider if and how much of your estate you would like to give to charity.

2. Consult your estate advisor (lawyer, testator, notar).

3. Brief your estate advisor to draft the will. Likewise, you can write your will yourself, just make sure to get it legalized.

4. Depending on your location, Free Wills offers assistance with writing your estate at no cost and in line with the respective legislation. For example, Free Wills UK and Free Wills USA.

Create a lasting impact for vulnerable cats and dogs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions or concerns you may have:

1. What type of gift can I leave to Animal Rescue Cambodia?

You can give whatever amount you feel comfortable with. This can be your whole estate, a share of your estate, a residuary bequest, or a specific amount.

2. I already have a will. Can I change it and add a charity? 

Yes, of course. This amendment is also known as a codicil. Talk to your estate advisor, testator, or notar about this.

3. What happens if I need money, for example, for my retirement care after I put a charity in my will?

Don’t worry! You can always adjust your will to suit your current situation and needs.

4. Will my gift make a difference at all?

Every amount makes a difference and contributes to ending the suffering of helpless cats and dogs in Cambodia.

5. How will my gift be used?

Your gift will contribute to critical needs and prioritized programs at Animal Rescue Cambodia that focus on desexing and vaccinating disadvantaged animals, educating and inspiring behavior change in local communities, and veterinary trainings.

6. What’s the easiest way to include a charity in my will?

After consulting with your estate advisor, you can add the charity of choice to your will including the name, address, and charity registration number.

> Animal Rescue e.V., Seebergerstraße 4, 81477 München, Germany, Registration Number 1378/2017

> Animal Rescue Cambodia, St. 41BT, House #269, Boeung Tumpun, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Registration Number 2598/BRK

Your gift will help us change lives for many years to come. Leave a gift to Animal Rescue e.V. or Animal Rescue Cambodia. Suffering street animals in Cambodia rely on the kindness and compassion of animal lovers like yourself!

Our Pledge to YOU

You can trust us. We promise to treat your gift with respect and dignity, value your wishes, and use your gift wisely to create the largest benefit for vulnerable animals.

Your gift matters!

How YOUR Gift Keeps on Giving

Remembering Animal Rescue e.V. or Animal Rescue Cambodia in your will, allows us to give a second chance to vulnerable cats and dogs.

End the suffering of animals in Cambodia. Every animal counts. Every gift can stop suffering.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things by leaving a gift in their will. Once you look after your family and friends, please consider leaving a gift in your will to Animal Rescue e.V. or Animal Rescue Cambodia.

Create long-term sustainable animal welfare together with us!

What’s Next?

We know that planning ahead for a time when we’re not around anymore may be scary and feel odd. Talk to Andrea to find out more: [email protected]

Let’s celebrate our love for animals together! On behalf of all the animals, we can save with your support, THANK YOU!

Disclaimer: Animal Rescue Cambodia cannot provide financial or legal advice. Please always consult your estate advisor before making any decisions.