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As you know, Animal Rescue Cambodia is NOT a shelter, but an animal organization that focuses on outreach, education, and neutering programs. This post is an insight into a typical day on Pagoda Patrol. Follow the founder, Tina, as she focuses on these three strategic pillars of our work during her Pagoda Patrol in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
We operate a small recovery center (animal hospital) for sick and injured stray animals who live at the pagodas. Due to resource limitations, we have to focus on these cats and dogs at the pagodas. As much as we want to, we cannot help every sick or injured animal in the city.
If the animals are fit and healthy after their time at our center, then they go back to live at their pagodas. We only keep and find homes for those that could not survive on their own like Thomas the three-legged cat or Oscar the tiny kitten who made a miracle recovery from near blindness.

Life at the pagodas we visit used to be difficult for the animals, but not anymore. We have seen remarkable improvements in health and longevity due to our work with the locals that help care for the animals there. Without your donations and sponsorships, none of this would be possible and we would like to thank you so much for being part of Animal Rescue Cambodia.

Follow the Founder

This video is an insight into a typical day on Pagoda Patrol and follows the founder, Tina, as she feeds, checks over, and releases cats back with their family and friends. Tina spends time talking with locals and going over any concerns they may have and then meets the now super friendly dogs who are always really pleased to see her.