Starfish Story

Respect, Compassion, Love

All living beings deserve respect, compassion, and love. Therefore, everyone – whether human or animal – should have the possibility of happiness, health, and protection. With this in mind, we consider it our responsibility to help those that are in need of care. Also, we aim at making a positive difference to the community by improving animal welfare in Cambodia.

The Starfish Story – Our Guiding  Principal

With this intention, we have been inspired by the “Starfish Story” and we follow its message on a daily basis. Here it is:

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking up and gently throwing things into the ocean. Approaching the boy he asked: “Young man, what are you doing?”

The boy replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

The man laughed to himself and said, “Do you realize there are miles and miles of beach, and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference.”

After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the surf, then smiling at the man, he said: “I made a difference to that one.” – Loren Eiseley